mdk-check-update is a tool written in Python to notify updates of urpmi media.

A GNOME applet is released.
Let's have a look at this (hum, PLF ? what's that ?):

When a media is on fire, it means that a new hdlist for this media is available.
There isn't any options for now, it only reads your urpmi config file to detect ftp medias and checks every five minutes if the remote hdlist (or synthesis) is newer than your local one.

A KDE applet is planned.

Download it

You shouldn't download this applet from this web site because some packagers work hard to provide it in contrib (a Mandrake medium). First learn how to add media with urpmi.
No, I want to download it ! (archive + Mandrake spec file).


I love this applet / Why can't I do this ? / I have a suggestion / It sucks hard : I want to mail the author.